Treehouse Portfolio


Regardless of the nomenclature you use — we’ve been in this business for decades, providing global solutions on both the manufacturer and retailer sides. Our TreeHouse Foods client harvests, extrudes, makes, bakes, bottles and packages quality private label food and beverage items across North America. They turn to We Are Alexander to create and develop brands for products in scores of categories within the grocery, convenience and mass channels. Our work includes category analysis, strategic positioning, brand creation, package design, high-end photography, color and printer management and premedia services. We also create, manage and deploy thousands of informational and visual assets within a proprietary permission-based asset management system designed to add value to TreeHouse Foods’ offering, providing turnkey efficiencies with the development of their internal private label initiatives for all of their customers.

“The foundation of our relationship with TreeHouse is based on a partnership of trust and transparency. We truly share the same purpose, beliefs and values.”
— Dan O’Leary, Vice President, Group Account Director, TreeHouse Foods