Making Sm*Art Creative: The Value of 3D & 4D Animation Technology

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Today’s marketing world is filled with big dreams and high hopes, with immersive experiences, “Big Data” and virtual reality giving brands unprecedented ways to connect with consumers. Momentum is surging toward marketing of the future, and global consumer goods companies are challenged to continually evolve and control their brands in ways previously unimagined.

As the marketplace expands globally and communications channels blend and emerge, protecting and enhancing the brand experience has become even more critical. Every consumer touchpoint is an opportunity to build brand loyalty and trust, and even one small misstep can stall momentum or even damage reputation.

With these brand needs in mind, We Are Alexander has engineered Sm*ArtWork, a digitally dynamic artwork process where brand assets are originally created with embedded data, allowing each piece of digital artwork to be leveraged and repurposed with ease. Rather than taking product shot after product shot or spending costly time and money manipulating and retouching original files, Sm*ArtWork does the heavy lifting, producing high-quality, lifelike imagery for a variety of applications, from creative animation to e-commerce.

“Our 3D/4D CGI/GCI animation technology is unique and world-class,” noted David Keel, We Are Alexander’s global innovations officer. “The process leverages the actual packaging artwork—not a scan, photograph or reproduction—to achieve total accuracy of both detail and color. It also fuses high-end modeling and animation, achieving unparalleled results in terms of imagination, quality and technical compatibility.”

Sm*ArtWork ensures that original product data translates to a whole range of marketing needs, going beyond traditional digital art. In doing so, it improves efficiency and reduces production time and costs. Key benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Files are tagged and stored in a central database, making the assets data-rich, searchable and customizable for various marketing needs
  • Consistency. Sm*ArtWork technology ensures laser-focused consistency—whether it’s color management, package specifications or overall brand identity—for each produced asset
  • Automation. 3D/4D images can be created when the initial artwork designs are approved, saving time and resources
  • Conformance. As online retailers request brand icons to be supplied separately, Sm*ArtWork can instantly extract these assets and provide them independently

“When you get right down to it, Sm*ArtWork and its incorporated, advanced software technologies are better than photography — more accurate, more repeatable and faster,” said Keel. “And when you leverage all the data stored within the Sm*ArtWork structure across the marketing spectrum, you clearly see how our industry is transforming.“

About the Author

David KeelAs global innovations director for We Are Alexander, David Keel leverages his decades of experience to deliver cutting-edge digital innovations and technologies for leading consumer brands worldwide.