(December 5, 2016) – Leading marketing communications firm GROUP360 Worldwide is revolutionizing the way marketing solutions are delivered on a global scale and evolving its company under a new name – We Are Alexander. This evolution recognizes the changing needs of global consumer products companies seeking truly integrated brand solutions and signals broader transformational changes the company has made to realign itself for international growth.

During the past several years, We Are Alexander has invested in expanding its global business network and leveraging new disruptive technologies that help companies build and protect their brands seamlessly around the world. Through strategic brand building, a relentless pursuit of the truth and the ability to engage subject matter experts from more than 26 marketing services in 12 countries, We Are Alexander delivers integrated marketing solutions that help brands achieve global business success.

“The consumer marketing landscape continues to change at warp speed, and traditional marketing approaches and short-term planning threaten to erode brands’ value over time,” said Tim Rutter, chief executive officer of We Are Alexander. “We recognized this game-changing shift more than a decade ago. As a result, we have been relentlessly evolving our approach and our business model to foster the authentic craft of global brand building with the ultimate goal of helping our clients achieve long-term, sustainable success that stands the test of time.”

We Are Alexander has been a marketing leader since its inception in 1956, beginning as a pioneer in the printing industry and evolving over time to offer fully integrated concept-to-consumer marketing solutions for some of the world’s most beloved consumer brands. Core to the company’s success is its unwavering commitment to brand building, innovation and client service. Unlike traditional agencies that have acquired specialized businesses to expand their service offerings, which lacks true integration due to competing P&Ls and multiple interagency handoffs, We Are Alexander had the foresight to invest in growing its own talent. Building the company organically enables subject matter experts to expand their teams and work closely together to create fully integrated solutions across a variety of marketing disciplines, including shopper marketing, retail strategy, merchandising, creative development, experiential marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, social media, premedia, packaging and digital asset management.

“The consumer products industry has become increasingly global in scope, which is why we have realigned our organization from the ground up to meet the unique challenges global brands face in succeeding for the long-term,” said Michael Benson, We Are Alexander’s president and chief operating officer. “Through our expanded global network and capabilities, We Are Alexander has the ability to engage a wide variety of expert talent and integrated solutions aimed at ensuring our clients’ brands succeed around the world.”

The company’s new name is inspired by three people who have made an everlasting impact on the world in the areas of creativity, innovation and leadership:

  • French writer Alexandre Dumas, whose works including “The Three Musketeers” have been translated into nearly 100 languages: Remarkable creativity has the power to erase borders and transcend time.
  • Scientist and inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who became a catalyst for global revolution: When dreams and true conviction collide, powerful innovation is born.
  • Successful leader Alexander the Great, whose innovative leadership and enduring vision ensured success: A clear vision, paired with an unwavering will to succeed, achieves victory.