5 Minutes with Allan Meyerson: The Future of Marketing is Now

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Over the course of our existence, we have seen many shifts in the marketing landscape. Some have produced minor ripples in our industry, while others have caused dramatic sea change. No matter the shift, the common thread of these experiences has been our ability to continually evolve, and above all, propel businesses and brands forward.

We have a long history of working with successful, global consumer brands, and during the past decade, we have seen a significant and unprecedented change in the way these companies are doing business. The media landscape and how people consume information has radically changed. Gone are the days when brands relied solely on national television ads and mass media to create consumer connections and sell their products.

As a result, brands are shifting the way they go to market. Yet marketing services firms around the world are still working within a traditional agency construct, designed to service a business model that is nearing extinction.

For years global agencies have acquired other agencies in an attempt to better serve their clients’ needs. But those firms exist with silos, based on acquired people, systems and processes that aren’t integrated. They have conflicting P&Ls and business priorities that make it impossible to provide clients with truly global business solutions.

This evolution of business has guided our vision for our future. It’s why We Are Alexander was created, from the ground up – to offer authentic integration, efficiency and value on a global scale.

Consumer products companies need global suppliers and solutions. They devote a lot of time and money creating value in a brand. Companies can’t afford to invest in building a strong and powerful brand, only to lose control and quality globally. That can be devastating and irreparable.

We are the only global firm that does what we say we do. True integration isn’t about briefing your advertising agency, retail agency, promotions agency and experiential agency on an IMC call. It’s about creating brand value, changing the value of an hour and giving you more for that hour.

We are brand builders who truly appreciate the importance, complexity and intricacies of all things that create and fuel your brand. We are brand protectors who have the expertise, resources and technology to ensure your brand is delivered consistently and with impact, on a global scale and in a culturally relevant way.

Our industry is on the cusp of unprecedented change. It will come down to organizations capable of providing truly integrated, end-to-end solutions.

Our purpose is to transform and reinvent the marketing services industry. It is no longer about evolution – it is time for a revolution.

You can follow or be the change. We are the change. We Are Alexander.

About the Author

Allan Meyerson ThumbnailAs senior vice president, executive creative director for We Are Alexander, Allan provides creative leadership, strategy and direction for global clients.