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We are not afraid of the truth.

We are terrified of it.

The truth is never easy, it’s hard. Hard to find, and sometimes so damn hard to swallow. Yet we must have the courage to relentlessly pursue the truth. Truth–real human, market and contextual truth–leads us to complex places others rarely visit. These are the places we unearth powerful insights, igniting remarkable creativity. And it is only in these dimly lit places that an elusive kind of success can be found.

We call it Sustainable Success.

It’s the kind of success that stands the test of time, changes behavior and propels brands and careers forward.

Our purpose is no different than our competitors:

To provide extraordinary solutions for our client’s challenges.

Our mission is what will set us apart:

To seek the truth in all things.


Not Your Traditional Agency

Today’s media landscape is continually shifting, rendering the traditional agency approach outdated and ineffective. We understand it’s no longer enough to create solutions just for today. We are more than an agency. We’re all your marketing partners in one place, with one single point of contact, with one objective – optimizing your marketing budget and increasing your bottom line.

Global Network

Our HUB & Spoke model allows us to service our clients at both local and global levels.

This integrated approach creates the ability to develop scalable strategies quickly and conveniently, allowing us to provide clients with distinctive end-to-end solutions.

Global Network

St. Louis, MO

New York, NY

Mexico City, Mexico

Chicago, IL

Plano, TX

Topeka, KS

Quincy, MA

Portland, ME

Charlotte, NC

Pittsburgh, PA

Horsham, PA

West Chester, PA

Owings Mills, MD

New Jersey

Cincinnati, OH

Chester, VA

Toronto, CA

Sao Paulo, Brazil

London, England

Hull, England

Paris, France

Singapore, Singapore

Bangkok, Thailand

Tokyo, Japan

Guangzhou, China

Sydney, Australia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Online channels will be a huge component in consumers' holiday #shopping, as 67% say they'll research products online before buying. @businessinsider)

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According to a survey of 2,000 UK adults, 40% of people share their device’s location with weather apps, while 33% share location with transport apps. @MMMagTweets)

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#Facebook debuts web-based VR experiences within standard News Feed. @marketingland)

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The annual @WeAreAlexander Halloween parties featured crazy costumes, dashing dogs, tasty treats and good times! *
#AgencyLife #WeAreAlexander #Halloween #doggo #food #dogs

We Are Alexander
We Are Alexander added 13 new photos.3 weeks ago
The annual We Are Alexander Halloween parties featured the usual suspects: crazy costumes, dashing canines, delicious treats, spooky good times and — a little pumpkin surgery.
We Are Alexander3 weeks ago

Another spook-tacular #DrPepperSnapple #Minimonsters #packaging campaign returns with a surprise — a festive #Halloween-themed Snapchat filter. These limited edition 7.5-oz. cans feature some ghoulish fun. •

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We Are Alexander
We Are Alexander3 weeks ago
The award-winning Dr Pepper Snapple Group #MiniMonsters packaging campaign returns this year with an all-new twist — Snapchat filters! These limited edition 7.5-oz. cans are not only festive, but they deliver a spooky #Halloween treat. #WeMadeThat
We Are Alexander
We Are Alexander2 months ago

We’re pleased to announce the 2017 Mark & Sandy Rutter Scholarship Program winners, Annie C. and Connor S.! Each year, #WeAreAlexander gives back to its employees by offering scholarships to help support their children’s pursuits of higher education. Congrats to this year’s winners, their proud parents and good luck this school year! #education #scholarships #highered

We Are Alexander
We Are Alexander2 months ago
Meet this year’s Mark and Sandy Rutter Scholarship Program winners, Annie C. and Connor S.! We give back to We Are Alexander families annually by providing scholarships to help support high school seniors' pursuits of higher education. Congrats, Annie and Connor, and best of luck this academic year!